I'm that weird girl who takes books everywhere, quotes too much and sings when not necessary.

I don't know what I'm doing 300% of the time.
Your top 5 favorite people on tumblr?

I have many buuuut:

Calum (9rouplove)
Saoirse (wonderfulwhimsicality)
Matthew (theadventurecore)
James (buckyisback)

I cannot choose a fifth because there’s too many peoples and ARGH.

I feel so shit right now.
I just want the thoughts to stop.
I want them to let it go.
I want them to not hold what I’ve done over my head.
And in posting this, they’ll somehow track it down and use it against me.
I want it all to be quiet.

tbh I don't really think you are sorry

You don’t know me.
Don’t even pretend like you fucking know what I feel. Don’t you dare.

Sorry anon but you don't know her personally. Much different in person unfortunately

Yeah, anon.
I’m a bitch. I’m a horribly disloyal person. I’m selfish and I treat people horribly without knowing it. I am a shit person and don’t deserve half the people I have in my life right now.
Look, I don’t know who you are but if you wanna talk about whatever issue you have, we can.
I’m sorry I fucked you over.
I’m sorry.

Hey friend, I don't think I have met you but you're one of my favourite Tumblr peeps and I've seen you getting some hate so I just want to say don't listen to them, you seem like a very good person and maybe you have stuffed up a little in the past but that doesn't mean you can't be better in the future and it is cowardly for somebody to send you hate because of a past issue. I hope things pick up for you, thanks for making my dashboard more awesome.

You are very sweet and make some good points.
Thank you.

you are the least loyal person i know.

Is there a whole bunch of you that just hate me or did you send it three times?

Excuse you but you are quite possibly the least loyal friend I've ever had sorry

Because if it’s current and you’re just sitting there with pent up rage then let’s talk about it. If we aren’t friends anymore because of this reason, then I’m aware and I’ve been working on it.
And hey, never said they had to be truthful.
I know I’m shit most of the time; thanks.